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By Shannon Sowby, GSN Contributor
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During a late night over two years ago, Nathan Mazon saw his 9-year-old daughter, Leah, ripping her wet clothes off and water all over the floor. 

Leah was at home in Gilbert when she bumped into a hot water bowl used to inhale steam due to a cold. 

Nathan and his wife, Lina, immediately took Leah to the hospital, thinking it was just a minor burn.

They instead got a whole other story when they got to the Arizona Burn Center–Valleywise Health.

The doctors shared the extent of Leah’s injuries and the surgeries she might need. 

Leah had second and third-degree burns over 30% of her body. The worst injury was on a joint, which was especially problematic because burn scarring makes movement difficult, meaning she may require more surgeries as she grows up. 

Between all the procedures Leah went through – including skin grafting and surgery – she spent weeks at Valleywise Health. Even though it was an overwhelming experience, Leah´s parents trusted their daughter was in the best hands possible.

During Leah’s stay at the hospital, her parents worried about her recovery and mental health because she would be missing one of her favorite things – cheerleading. 

Friends sent Leah cheerleading videos of them saying her name and holding posters, helping motivate the girl to manage the pain and work to walk again. 

Despite the traumatic experience, Leah’s mood wasn’t   affected; she still managed to be the same expressive, happy girl. 

Lina said she was in awe of her daughter’s courage, resilience, and positive attitude throughout the recovery process. 

Now 11 and in the seventh grade, she fully recovered from her injuries and even made her middle school cheerleading squad.

The Mazon family expressed their gratefulness for all the support they received at Valleywise Health and for Leah’s care team including her doctors and child-life specialists.

The Arizona Burn Center is the largest in the West and was founded in 1965 — the only nationally verified facility in the state.

It provides critically injured patients a greater than 98% survival rate, one of the highest in the nation.

In April, the center will nearly triple in size when it moves into the new Valleywise Health Medical Center. 

It will occupy 72,000 square feet and include a burn emergency department, a dedicated pediatric wing, a large physical and occupational therapy room, an outpatient center, family support rooms, a playroom for children with burn injuries, and space for research and teaching.

Unfortunately, Leah´s case is not that uncommon. 

According to the American Burn Association, 85% of scald burns occur in the home, compared with 74% of other burns. 

The Arizona Burn Center reports that burns are usually caused by scalding or flames from cooking, industrial jobs, or recreational activities. 

Experts say there are things people can do at home to help mitigate the risk of scald burns. 

The Arizona Burn Center recommends keeping young children out of the kitchen, using the stove’s back burners when cooking, turning the handles of pots inward, using oven mitts or a towel when reaching overhead to get food out of the microwave and ensuring home water heaters are set at 120 degrees.


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