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Angel Chavez, West Valley View Staff Writer
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The Avondale Parks and Recreation Department is hosting its annual Family Campout, inviting participants of all ages to immerse themselves in outdoor activities under the night sky.

“We do have a schedule made for the event, and parents and kids are more than welcome to pick any available activity they would like to do,” said Elizabeth Sangri-Moore, the event’s recreation programmer.

For those seeking leisurely entertainment, yard games and stargazing sessions will be available for all ages. Families can partake in classic sports like fishing and archery to more creative endeavors such as crafts and tent decorating contests. “One of our recreation assistants, he is very knowledgeable in fishing and he’s the one that will be in charge of teaching the kids about fishing,” Sangri-Moore said.

As twilight falls, families will gather for story time, followed by an outdoor screening of the film “Angels in the Outfield.”

On top of that, Sangri-Moore stated, “We are going to have a winner of a Kahoot! game during the movie time, and we will have a winner of the scavenger hunt, which will be taking place Sunday morning.” 

Additionally, food options include s’mores around a campfire. Dinner will include “hot dogs and optional garden dogs for vegetarians. Also, we’re going to have a side of salad and a piece of cake that will be the dinner,” Sangri-Moore said. “It is sponsored by Portillo’s.” Families must bring their own tents, and staff members can assist in setting them up. 


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