16-year-old helps during dramatic water rescue in Chandler

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CHANDLER, AZ — A dramatic water rescue played out in the East Valley on Wednesday. First responders pulled a man out of the water after his car ended up in a neighborhood lake near Dobson and Queen Creek roads.

Sixteen-year-old Ethan Cakmak showed ABC15 where he ran into action after finding out a man drove into the lake by his apartment complex.

“At that point, I was like, ‘He needs help; he needs help,'” said Cakmak.

Cakmak attempted to make a rescue while his father called 911.

“Sprung into the water, tried to swim out to the car,” said Cakmak.

Once there, he said he could see the man was passed out but breathing.

“At least I knew he was alive and he would not wake up. I kept banging on the windows, tried breaking the one on the top,” said Cakmak.

Moments later, members of the Chandler Fire Department and police also jumped in and ultimately saved the man. Many people who live at Almeria at Ocotillo apartments watched this unfold, including maintenance personnel.

The man was taken to the hospital but was alert. Chandler PD said the driver is still in the hospital receiving intensive care and it is believed the crash was the result of some sort of medical issue.

Neighbors and first responders said they admire Cakmak’s heroic efforts.

“People need help sometimes and you should be, as a community, there for each other… and it’s really important to me. It’s one of my values,” said Cakmak.

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