Fountain Hills Come Alive with the Dark Sky Festival

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As the evening descends on March 30, 2024, Fountain Hills will come alive with the celestial wonders above as it hosts the annual Dark Sky Festival.

Fountain Hills Dark Sky FestivalFountain Hills Dark Sky Festival

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Marking another year of recognition as an International Dark Sky Community, the Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association invites locals and visitors alike to celebrate the pristine night skies that grace the region.

The Festival, held at the Fountain Hills Community Center from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, promises an array of captivating activities and informative sessions aimed at highlighting the importance of preserving the darkness of the night sky. This year’s lineup features renowned speakers who will delve into various aspects of astronomy and light pollution.

Nationally recognized speakers include Julia Wang, who will shed light on the impact of artificial light on migrating birds. Jo Marchant will take attendees on a journey through history, exploring how the Sun, Moon, and stars have inspired and guided humanity since Paleolithic times.

Marsha Diane Arnold, the esteemed author of “Lights Out” and “Armando’s Island,” will engage children in discussions about light pollution’s effect on animals, accompanied by readings from her books.

The Festival will offer engaging activities for attendees of all ages. Live displays of nocturnal animals will provide insights into their dependence on the dark sky and vulnerability to artificial light. Visitors can explore exhibits related to the dark sky, marvel at meteorite displays, and participate in a silent auction featuring astronomy and dark sky-related items. Activities targeted to children include face painting, light experiments, a solar walk, coloring NASA coloring books, making a pocket solar map, making a sky wheel, storytime and others.

As the night deepens, the Star Party beckons enthusiasts to gaze through telescopes and witness the splendor of astronomical objects. Accompanying the celestial spectacle will be live music by Dave Clark, ensuring a lively ambiance throughout the evening. Food trucks offering a variety of culinary delights, as well as beer and wine, will keep attendees energized and refreshed.

The Festival is free to all members of the public. With its family-friendly atmosphere, the event aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty and importance of preserving the dark sky for generations to come.

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