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By Joe McHugh,Peoria Times Staff Writer
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The Arizona Cardinals are looking to enhance their fans’ experience. 

At the start of the new league year, the team announced that it will be implementing new, luxury amenities and seating options, all on the first level of State Farm Stadium. These options include field boxes and suites, two new luxury clubs and the first-of-their-kind casitas.

“This really started with ownership, with (Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill) challenging the entire organization to continue to modernize our business on and off the field,” Cardinals Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Walls said. “Find ways to innovate, find ways to get better, and find ways to make our fan experience one of the best in the NFL.”

The incoming renovations are the latest of the State Farm Stadium makeover. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team renovated the suite level, installed the first in-stadium sportsbook, and “invested in the overall fan experience at the stadium.”

The casitas pose a new product line for Cardinals fans to enjoy. Located on the south end zone, the field-level, custom-built structures are a two-story suite concept that holds up to 20 guests per casita. Guests can view the game from the “front yard,” on top of the casita, or from inside via a large-screen television. 

Purchasing a casita experience brings along additional amenities such as valet parking, a private stadium entrance, and all-inclusive food and beverage via the Casita Garden Club. 

The Casita Garden Club spans the width of the south end zone and sits right behind the field front casitas. It offers “high-end menu offerings and handcrafted cocktails, beer and wine” and opens three hours prior to gametime to give guests the most time to enjoy the new amenities. 

“We worked with a designer and a builder to help us custom design these casitas for State Farm Stadium. They are your home, literally in our end zone.” Walls said. “It’s going to be like an experience never seen before.”

On the flip side of the stadium is the Morgan Athletic Club. Bearing the original franchise name, “this is where history and luxury huddle up.” The dimly lit, retro furnished club is a “tip of the hat” to the 1920s. The club offers all-inclusive food and beverage experience, as well as live music during the pre- and postgame.

Rounding out the new additions is a variety of on-field seating experiences. The field boxes, field suites and tunnel suites grant guests direct access to the field, as well as to either of the two new clubs. They will also include the brand-new “Monaco Dream Seats,” which, according to Walls, are something never before seen in an NFL stadium.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the 2024 season,” Walls said. “With everything that (Bidwill) has done, and (team general manager Monte Ossenfort) and coach (Jonathan Gannon) — we’re ready. Coming out of the last year, and the way we ended the season, and free agency with what we have already done there and the exciting draft that we have upcoming, we are excited about the future.

“This is another phase of that. We are going to be relentless in pursuing a great fan experience, continuing to innovate and modernize our business. That’s been the direction that (Bidwill) has given us from the start. This is one step towards that, but we are going to continue to do more.” 

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