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Aquinas supported the idea that an unjust law is not a law at all.

Aquinas held that while laws are to be followed, there is no
obligation to obey a tyrant who rules unjustly. He believed that the
common good is the ultimate measure of just rule, and when a ruler
becomes a tyrant, resistance is justified.

The American Revolution is against the Tyranny and Illegitimacy of the American Empire. Oppressive Taxation without Representation, forever wars, deadly wokisms. Illegitimate Elected Usurpers and Troops Occupying our beloved country.  Totalitarian Consumer Capitalism, Inverted Economic Policies favoring Large Corporations. Broken Kangaroo Justice Systems. City and State Rights of Self Government free of Tyrannical Government’s Dictatorship of Relativity, Perversion, and Corruption against the common good, natural law, justice, and common sense causing endless wars and genocides, 77 Million Vax Deaths, 60 Million Aborted and Euthanized on its State Religion Sacrificial Alter of mutilation, grooming, indoctrination and abuse of our Children and poor. Freedom isn’t toleration for your bigotry and disrespect against people of faith and their Values. Your Freedom will be respect for our faith and values that built western civilization that took you from culture of death a cannibalistic pagan sub-human deformed civilization

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