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By Carissa Krautscheid 

The diocesan Walking with Moms in Need program recently hosted a Mothers Ministry Fair for women who are pregnant or parenting young children to learn about the many resources available to them in our community.  

Organizer, Dr. Ana Sanguineti, is the diocesan spokeswoman for life and works with parishes to establish local efforts to accompany mothers in need. This effort, called Walking with Moms in Need, was commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

“Walking with Moms in Need is dedicated to identifying the available resources for vulnerable and marginalized women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant or experiencing difficulties in parenting young children,” said Sanguineti. “Through identifying helpful resources, we can begin to truly assist women with compassionate love and support.” The goal is for every parishioner to be equipped to support a pregnant woman if they are asked for help. 

The Mothers Ministry Fair was designed as an opportunity for ministries “to network with one another and to highlight the services available to women before and after pregnancy,” said Sanguineti. “We identified and highlighted the work of the different organizations and groups that serve the needs of vulnerable women in Southern Arizona. The fair provided an opportunity to network with local, county, and state agencies serving women and children, as well as wonderful volunteers who give their time and effort to help pregnant women and young children.” 

Pregnant women and mothers of young children had the opportunity to learn about where to get resources like free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, post-abortion healing, adoption, teenage parent education, daycare, and assistance with clothing, diapers, housing, and home goods. “We are very happy with the success of our first efforts to connect our parishes with all the helpful resources in our diocese area,” said Sanguineti. 

Twenty-one organizations were present, including: 

Of the 11 Catholic parishes currently offering Walking with Moms in Need ministries, nine were present at the Mothers Ministry Fair. Parishes with this program include Saints Peter and Paul, Saint Francis de Sales, Corpus Christi, San Martin de Porres in Sahuarita, Saint John Neumann in Yuma, Saint Augustine Cathedral, Saint Anthony of Padua in Casa Grande, Saint Rita, Saint Ambrose, Saint Thomas the Apostle, and Our Lady of the Desert Redemptorist Renewal Center. If you’re interested in helping with this grassroots effort, contact your parish for more information. 

If you know a woman who is pregnant or parenting young children, please help her understand that she is not alone. There are countless people ready to walk with her during her pregnancy and beyond. 

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