Water Awareness Month | How you can save money and water

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In Arizona, we celebrate water conservation. To get in the spirit, the Arizona Department of Water Resources has dedicated April to water awareness.

PHOENIX — In the Desert Southwest, we are constantly looking for ways to save water. According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, conservation is now officially a very real and permanent thing. They’ve designated April as Water Awareness Month!

Communities are finding ways to swap out water-thirsty vegetation for native, desert plants. Water reuse is becoming more common. Major high-tech industries and farms are finding new ways to prioritize water conservation. Arizona has been in conservation mode in its active management areas for over forty years. Arizona’s Groundwater Management Act continues to help keep the state’s overall water consumption at bay. 

Despite all these efforts, drought and water conservation are serious issues here in State 48. Let’s talk changes you can make at home that will make a big impact. 

Did you know that 70 percent of your water use is outdoors? The City of Phoenix lists four easy steps to save water: 

  1. Water your plants between sundown and sunrise to reduce water lost to evaporation. 

  2.  Water small plants (like groundcovers) to a depth of one foot, medium plants (like shrubs) to a depth of two feet, and large plants (like trees) to a depth of three feet. 

  3. Water away from the trunk of a tree, at the drip line of your trees.  

  4. Water by the weather — Do this by changing the frequency you water based on the time of year and the forecast.  

Another way you can save water is by swapping out water-thirsty vegetation for native desert plants. Desert-friendly plants can provide all shapes and sizes and colors that can be used to create a beautiful landscape. Desert-friendly plants require low maintenance and water. They have adapted to our desert soil conditions and can survive long periods of drought. The good news is that desert-friendly plants are so diverse that you can find a similar replacement for any high-water-use plant that you like. 

This link will take you to landscape plants for the Arizona desert:  

What about water conservation and pools? According to the City of Phoenix, thirty percent of single-family homes in Phoenix have pools. It’s important to take care of your pool with proper maintenance to make sure it is safe for use. Sometimes in the course of maintenance, you may have to backwash or drain your pool water, which contains harmful potential pollutants, such as chlorine, salt, and potentially mosquito larvae. Be sure to follow proper guidelines when draining or backwashing your pool to prevent polluting a wash or the Salt River. Learn more about proper pool maintenance here:

Now, let’s talk indoor water conservation. According to the City of Phoenix, toilets take up thirty percent of your indoor water use. Replacing leaky, inefficient toilets, faucets, showers, dishwashers, and washer machines with efficient ones will save you a lot of money. The City of Phoenix reports that toilets account for nearly one-third of indoor water use. Toilets are also a significant contributor to indoor plumbing leaks. Toilet leaks can result in 100,000 gallons of water-waste per year – That’s enough drinking water for more than 550 people per year (City of Phoenix). Replacing old toilets in your home with new-generation high-efficiency products will save 20,000 gallons of water in the first five years; that’s enough to fill a mid-sized swimming pool. 

We need to remember that we live in the desert, and we need to act like it. Even practicing some of these water-saving tips at home will have a major impact on your wallet and Arizona’s most precious resource. 



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