Yuma County addresses mobile home park issues

Valeria Rodriguez
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News 11’s Valeria Rodriguez spoke to a couple of people living at Bann Mobile Home Park who shared the issues they’ve experienced

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – The Yuma County Board of Supervisors is seeking direction on what to do about one local mobile home park after they say the park has violated many zoning code violations for years.

Yuma County Supervisors are still not sure what to do to get the owners of the park to clean it up.

“Yeah we live in the ghetto, but come on, we still pay our rent here,” said Leslie, a Bann Mobile Home Park resident.

Some residents we spoke to say they’ve even had their water shut off without warning.

“And now we got our water on but it’s still, when is it going to get shut off again and for how long, you know? Because she ain’t worried about it,” stated Leslie.

“Nope, she just cuts it off. I had to take my kids to the hotel to take showers,” said Sean, a resident at Bann Mobile Home Park.

Both Leslie and Sean say the water issue isn’t the only problem.

“Last time you were out here, all the trash it started affecting my little place and I got mice in here,” said Sean.

In the last three months, there have been three trailers that have caught on fire.

One was behind Sean’s home.

“Some of our property did get damaged, I have a big pool back there and the property manager refused to give me information on the insurance company,” explained Sean.

Now Yuma County Supervisors are looking to fix these problems.

That could include possibly moving forward with a “Slumlord Ordinance,” meaning the property would go into receivership and be temporarily run by the county.

But if the county moves forward with this ordinance, there are several things to consider.

“And this is what this is going to cost and I think that as a board we need to take a look at that before we set foot into that,” expressed Tony Reyes, Yuma County Board of Supervisors District 4.

According to Supervisor Reyes, it’s not so simple.

“We’re taking our time and unfortunately I know that the people at Bann Mobile Home Park are getting a little upset over the fact that some things seem to change and then they go to the old,” explained Reyes.

The Yuma County Board of Supervisors is currently in the process of figuring out if they want to take receivership of the park but that would include calculating the cost of taking over the park and what the next steps could be.

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