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According to UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), nature and wellness tourism experiences take center stage in travel for 2024. 

Enter the Spa at the Boulders Resort, located in the lush Sonoran Desert of North Scottsdale. Renowned as a place for spiritual rebirth, healing treatments and a Desert Zen-like ambiance, it is also a nature-lovers paradise where the terrain and plant life have been left virtually untouched to allow indigenous plants to prosper and for friendly wildlife to make their homes.

Every spring, the spa team at the Boulders Resort discovers tiny baby bobcats as their mothers give birth in a safe, quiet outdoor environment. Last year, a tiny 8-week-old baby bobcat fell from the top of a twenty-foot-tall tree in the spa atrium. The mother hovered a bit then abandoned her baby as her instincts let her know that the baby was unable to survive such a fall. Thanks to the rescue efforts of the Boulders Spa team and Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, the baby bobcat recovered and will be returned to the wild this fall.

These ongoing stories of baby bobcat rescues inspired a new spring “Desert Zen Package” that combines a Desert Zen Massage, an Organic Signature Facial and a Spa lunch followed by the Sonoran Explorin’ Tour to connect with nature. 

The tour takes place, via golf cart, on the resort grounds, a rich habitat for birds and desert wildlife that can be seen darting across the landscape. Led by expert guides, guests learn fascinating stories about the desert flora, fauna and even valuable desert survival tips.  

“This powerful combination allows our spa guests to fully experience the surrounding spiritual energy,” said Vanessa Carroll, spa director. “The restorative effects of nature and therapeutic spa treatments are key to enhancing true well-being.”

For many years, the Boulders Spa Team has banded together on numerous baby bobcat rescue attempts, especially during the spring season. Each time, spa volunteers have contacted Southwest Wildlife for medical attention, foster care and to successfully release them back into the wild. The Boulders Spa Team also raised several hundred dollars in donations to help the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

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