New Mexico police deploy horsepower to catch shoplifting suspect

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New Mexico police had to resort to horsepower to catch a suspected shoplifter outside a Walgreens this month after trying to outrun a horse-mounted police officer.

Albuquerque Police released bodycam video showing a dark-brown horse trotting through a parking lot behind a man in black clothing.

The horse eventually catches up to him within seconds.

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“It wasn’t me,” the man yells as he leads the horse and police officer into the street, stopping traffic.

The man was then surrounded by two more police officers on horses that arrived at the scene, the video showed.

One of the officers dismounted from his horse and handcuffed the man, who was charged with stealing $230 worth of merchandise from the Walgreens, according to the Albuquerque Police Department.

The Associated Press contributed. This story was reported from Los Angeles. 

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