Police reports reveal new details in teen’s killing

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We are taking a closer look at the more than 1,100 pages of police reports and interviews regarding the murder of Preston Lord.

Preston was brutally beaten at a party in Queen Creek in October 2023, and subsequently died as a result of his injuries. Five months after the murder, police officials released 911 calls made on that fateful night, as well as hundreds of pages from their investigation, on March 28.

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The documents are heavily redacted, but contains accounts from witnesses who recounted what happened that nigh,  along with several tips.

911 calls detail party commotion

On the night Preston was found unconscious, multiple parties were held in the Queen Creek. 911 callers alerting police about the commotion.

“We have teenagers jumping our fence. We have watched two accidents. They are hitting each other in front our yard. They are clearly drunk. They have alcohol,” said one 911 caller.

“There has got to be at least 250 kids here,” said another 911 caller. “They’re walking the streets. We’re not used to this. I’m not used to this in my neighborhood for being here 25 years. There’s too many cars, these kids are gonna hit each other. Someone’s gonna get hurt. Someone’s gonna get killed.” 

Shortly after, one of Preston friends called police.

“I don’t know if they left or if they’re still here. I got out of there as quick as possible so I didn’t get hurt.  I don’t know the people that are here, we don’t have any beef with them or anything,” said the caller.

Witnesses detail assault

The investigation revealed that the theft of an inexpensive necklace from one of Preston’s friends set in motion the fight that led to the deadly assault.

During the fight, witnesses told police Preston was stomped on by someone in a white suit who cussed at him, and later ran off.

In one interview, one person said the kids began recording and ‘humping’ the individual on the ground.

In an interview with investigators, Taylor Sherman admitted to taking video of Preston as he was unconscious on the ground, and sent it on Snapchat. Sherman is among the seven people arrested in connection with Preston’s death.

Suspects allegedly wanted reward money

In the following days, police documents show the teens messaging about the fight, and wanting the $10,000 reward.

On October 31, one of the suspect wrote a messages that read:

“Tresty or Talen might be getting charged with murder.”

“My mom wants in on the [$10,000].”

“It has to be Talen ‘cause he was like, ’bro, I killed someone when we left.'”

One tipster told police on Nov. 4 that Talan Renner admitted to a friend that he threw the first punch. Also, Talan’s mother had taken Talan to an attorney, and “was told by the attorney that he would ‘get off’ (not in trouble) because of the amount of kids that wer said to be involved.”

It was also reported that Talan told the friend his mother kept him home from school to allow his hands time heal.

In the days after Preston’s death, Queen Creek Police began serving search warrants for the teens’ phone and DNA samples. Interviews were also done at some of their high schools.

Police have made multiple arrests

The suspects arrested and indicted in connection with Preston Lord’s murder.

So far, seven people have been arrested and indicted in connection with Preston’s death. They have been identified as Treston Billey, William Hines, Jacob Meisner, Talan Renner, Taylor Sherman, Dominic Turner, and Talyn Vigil.

The seven have all pleaded not guilty to crimes they are accused of committing. In all, 11 suspects were listed on the report, and it is unclear if more arrests will be made in this case.

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