Beat the Algorithms by Turning your Online Audiences into Email Subscribers

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7 actions to take today to convert your audience and grow your email list.

Social media and podcasts are incredible platforms for connecting with like-minded people and building a community. A downside of them both, however, is you’re at the whim of each platform’s ever-changing algorithms, rules, and regulations.

Instagram…TikTok…iTunes…no matter the channel, you don’t have much control over who sees, reads, or hears your messages.

When it comes down to it, no matter how large your audience numbers are, you don’t own your audiences on these platforms. If your channel or podcast gets pulled, you’ve lost all means of communication with these communities you’ve put so much effort into building and nurturing.

Unless they’re subscribed to your email list!

You’re in complete control of the contact information with an email list. Subscribers have consented to give their email addresses and have you contact them directly through their inbox — and that’s a really powerful connection.

Besides being in complete control of your audience, here are a few other reasons why converting followers and listeners to email subscribers is extremely important:

  • No algorithms are gatekeeping or controlling who sees your content.
  • You can know your email subscribers much deeper than social media channels or podcasts allow. (i.e., put a name — or at least an email address — to mystery listeners.)
  • You can self-promote to your heart’s content in your emails! No more tip-toeing around the “link in bio” conundrum. Link and promote the day away in your subscriber’s inboxes.
  • And you can send your email subscribers wherever you like without getting stuck in social media platforms’ frustrating, roundabout web browsers.

And that’s only a short list of benefits. Converting your social media followers and podcast listeners into email subscribers can significantly affect your marketing strategy. But how do you go about turning followers and listeners into subscribers? Keep reading for seven action steps you can start taking today.

  1. Link to your signup form on all profiles and show notes.
    Take the guesswork out of this process by adding links to your subscription form on all social media profiles and podcast show notes. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for audience members to sign up and subscribe. The easier you make it for your audience to subscribe, the more likely they are to do so.
  2. Promote the value of subscribing.
    Converting your social media and podcast audiences into subscribers begins with telling them why they should join. What are the pros of being a part of your email list? What are you offering there that’s unavailable on your social media channels or podcast shows? Highlight all the benefits they’ll receive by joining your list, such as:

    – exclusive content
    – valuable insights
    – special promotions
    – early access to new products or services

    Consistency is key, so don’t be shy when regularly reminding your followers of the benefits of becoming a subscriber.

  3. Offer a compelling signup incentive.
    Everyone loves a good incentive, and offering one can be a game-changer when converting your audience. Just as it’s common practice to offer an incentive on your website, the same can be done for your social media and podcast audiences. Ideas for an incentive could be :

    – a downloadable resource
    – an e-book or e-course from the vault
    – a behind-the-scenes interview
    – a bonus discount or promotion

    Just make sure the incentive closely aligns with your audience’s interests and why they’re following you in the first place. This will help make your offering too tempting to resist.

  4. Cross-promote across all platforms.
    Cross-promotion is a powerful strategy for converting followers and listeners into subscribers. Mention your email list in podcast notes, talk about it during your podcasts or lives, and link to your form in your stories.

    A great way to cross-promote your email list is by sharing teaser content or snippets from your newsletters. Offer just enough to pique curiosity and encourage signups.

    If you’re working across multiple mediums, odds are you’re already cross-promoting different channels and avenues to connect with you. Take this same strategy and prioritize your email list in these promotions to increase the chances of converting your audiences and growing your email list.

  5. Offer SMS subscribe by text.
    We’ve already covered how important it is to link subscription forms to your email lists where and when possible. However, subscribing by text is a great option to have available when speaking.

    Whether on a podcast, a live, a video, or an interview, encourage listeners to connect with you for more content by texting a code to a selected phone number. This is a quick, easy way for audience members to be sent a link to your email form and subscribe to your list while it’s top of mind.

    Check with your email service provider about subscriber by text and how to set this up. If you’re a FeedBlitz client, follow the steps outlined here!

  6. Host exclusive contests and giveaways.
    The fear of missing out (FOMO) is real, and running exclusive contests and giveaways is an excellent way to encourage email signups by using FOMO.

    This also creates an opportunity to add this to any potential affiliate or partnership agreement you may have and the chance to promote a local business you’ve been wanting to work with. Be sure everything you offer and promote is relevant and aligned with your audience’s interests to increase the odds of gaining new subscribers.

  7. Leverage guest appearances and collaborations.
    We’ve mentioned cross-promotion earlier in this list, but now is the time to highlight collaborative promotion. If your podcast features guest speakers or collaborators, leverage their networks to increase your email subscriber count.

    Encourage guests and collaborators to promote your email newsletter to their audiences, whether through shout-outs on their social channels, mentions in their newsletters, or during their podcasts and lives. This seemingly simple move can significantly expand your reach and attract new subscribers.

Converting your social media followers and podcast listeners into email subscribers is the best way to protect the work you put into building and maintaining the connection with your audience. No matter what happens with algorithms or new channels coming online, your email list will always be a reliable source of communication.

Focus on highlighting the benefits of subscribing, offering compelling incentives, consistently promoting, and making signing up as easy as possible. You’ll be well on your way to building a loyal, engaged email list.

Ready to send your emails with a platform that supports your growth? Head to this page to start your free trial. Feel free to reach out with any questions through our Support Page. Live support is available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern, and you can always find helpful information 24-7 at the resources linked here.

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