Chandler mayor, council seek solutions to teen violence

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The increase in teen violence led to multiple teenagers being murdered in the East Valley over the last few years, according to officials. “Our community, like many others, is seeing some outrageous acts of brazen teens, and we’re trying to raise the bar higher,” said Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke. The parents of teenagers who were murdered stood before Chandler City Council during a recent meeting to speak about and bring awareness to teen violence in their community.

“I hate that the reason I am standing before you is that our son’s life was taken due to teen violence…We lost a valuable human being to society,” said Melissa Ciconte, the stepmother of a teen who was murdered named Preston Lord. Chandler City Council voted unanimously in favor of pursuing a solution to teen violence in Chandler. Hartke said the resolution declares “… our fight against teen violence, our allegiance with those who are coming alongside our declaration of what we’re currently doing.”

Olga Lopez, the mother of Jeremiah Aviles, a teen who was murdered, related her son’s story and suggested how neighboring cities should work together with Chandler on the issue of teen violence. “I wasn’t planning on speaking today. I just wanted to be here to support the fact that you’re even acknowledging the need to address teen violence… and I hope and I pray that the neighboring cities would take a look at what Chandler is doing… and lock arms in community,” said Lopez.

Mark Jacobo, the father of teen Stephen Jacobo, who also was murdered, spoke about his son’s death and offered ideas about what other cities should do in response to Chandler’s actions against teen violence. “We appreciate you taking charge… We’re all one state. These kids are getting killed daily… from other cities, and hopefully, these other cities could piggyback with you guys on gathering together to take proper actions to not allow any other parents to go through what we’re going through,” said Jacobo.

Councilmember Mark Stewart confirmed that a few of Chandler’s council members were working with other cities on this issue. “We’re talking to Queen Creek and Mesa Councilmember Julie Spilsbury. “We’re going to come together,” said Stewart.

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