Woman urges use of SOS phone technology after husband’s crash in Chandler

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CHANDLER, AZ — “I was cooking dinner, getting ready for Mike to come home, and I get this text.”

Sheena Brennan says on Oct. 12, 2023, she was alerted that her husband had been in a crash. The SOS feature on his phone was turned on and quickly sent a message to her and 911 with the crash location of Queen Creek and Alma School roads.

Sheena Brennan

Thanks to the technology, Brennan was able to head immediately to the hospital where her husband was being taken for treatment in Chandler.

“I got there two minutes after Mike was unloaded,” she said.

While the SOS technology has been around for several years, Brennan is urging everyone to make sure the feature is set up on their devices because it could potentially be a lifesaver.

“Mike’s phone didn’t have one single scratch on it. His phone was perfectly fine. It detected the crash without any damage to the phone.”

How does the technology work?

Apple SOS iPhone


Newer versions of Apple iPhones and Apple Watches are built to detect high-impact vehicle crashes and will ask you to confirm that you are OK if a crash is detected. If the user doesn’t respond within 20 seconds, an emergency SOS call should be delivered.

See more about how to turn it on and how it works here.

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