Update on Lockdown at Bullhead City Middle School, Mar. 21

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Several Bullhead City School District (BCSD) campuses were placed on lockdown Thursday morning while Bullhead City Police officers investigated an alleged threat targeting a Bullhead City Middle School (BCMS) student based upon an online social media post.

Bullhead City Middle School, update, lockdown, Coyote Canyon, Desert Valley Schools, BCSDBullhead City Middle School, update, lockdown, Coyote Canyon, Desert Valley Schools, BCSD

Students and faculty were never endangered, and the lockdowns followed standard procedures for their protection.

Because of their proximity to the middle school, Coyote Canyon and Desert Valley Schools, along with the BCSD administrative offices, were also placed on short lockdowns

“When we moved from soft to hard lockdowns, it didn’t mean that the threat intensified,” said BCSD Superintendent Carolyn Stewart. “It meant that we were assuring everyone’s safety by limiting access. Long-term protection is more important than short-term inconvenience.”

A parent notified school administrators early Thursday morning of a possible threat by one student against another

It included a February social media post of which the parent just became aware, as well as comments allegedly made yesterday. School officials immediately notified the Bullhead City Police Department (BCPD) before 7:00 a.m. School resource officers helped secure the campus, and met with both the student who made the alleged threat and the student’s parent, who was cooperative.

A voluntary search of the child’s home turned up an airsoft gun. The child denied making a threat. Officers determined that no direct criminal threat occurred. However, school officials are continuing to investigate whether disciplinary action is warranted.

The process started as soft lockdowns at 7:05 a.m. as some students arrived, allowing restricted campus access

Police then recommended a hard lockdown – no one in or out, with students remaining in their classrooms. Lockdowns at all four sites were cleared at 8:19 a.m., and the school day proceeded normally.

Stewart and BCMS principal Julianne Vela both thanked BCPD for its immediate response and quick investigations, both on and offsite. They emphasized that this is yet another reminder for parents to talk to their children about responsible behavior, including in school, at home and on social media, as well as serious repercussions.

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