Fort McDowell Adventures offers thrilling ‘Jumping Cholla Jeep Tour’

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FORT MCDOWELL, AZ — Deep in the Sonoran Desert on the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, you can experience the beauty of Arizona’s rugged desert on a custom-built off-road Jeep.

Fort McDowell Adventures, less than an hour east of Phoenix, is offering up its new ‘Jumping Cholla Jeep Tour.’ This vehicle seats up 10 people and will show you some of the most beautiful parts of the desert and reservation.

“The name of this Jeep is Yeti and it’s got 1-ton axels underneath it so we can haul that much weight,” said Tim Scrivner, Tour Driver with Fort McDowell Adventures. “And the views from this Jeep are absolutely amazing. Two of the cacti that we stopped out here to look at are the Saguaros. And one of them is one in roughly 10,000 Saguaro cactus that has a crest in it.”

Zack Perry

From the Superstition Mountains to the Four Peaks, there are picturesque views in every direction on this 2-hour Jeep tour.

“Yeah, if you’re sitting in the back, it could get a little bumpy, but that’s all part of the experience out here,” said Matt Ellsbury, Sales Manager. “We pride ourselves on being a rustic, western outdoor environment and that’s all part of the adventure at Fort McDowell Adventures.”

And if you ever wanted to be a cowboy for the day, there are plenty of chances for that as well.

Saddle up and ride horseback through the desert across the Verde River or join a cattle drive with a larger group of friends.

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Zack Perry

You can also hop in the back of an old horse-driven wagon, simulating what traveling in the desert was like in the 1800s.

Regardless of what outdoor adventure you’re looking for, each activity focuses on preserving the land and the history of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Tribe.

Book your excursion now before they close for the heat of summer.

Fort McDowell Adventures is located at 14803 N Hiawatha Hood Rd, Fort McDowell.

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