Get one pizza a week from Mamma Ramona’s Pizzeria in Tempe,Arizona with its pizza subscription

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Mamma Ramona’s Pizzeria opened in the Valley this month and it’s rolling in with some deals!

The pizza joint from California is offering a pizza subscription to its guests so they can get one pizza a week!


  • Annual Pizza Passport: This deal costs $189 per year. It’s one 12-inch [medium] cheese or pepperoni pizza once a week, every week, for 52 weeks.
    • According to the business, “the Pizza Passport is valued at $840 a year and is only available for a limited time every year.” Andrew Simmons, the owner, tells ABC15 that the Valley location will accept a maximum of 750 subscriptions.
  • There’s also a $19.95 per month subscription that offers the same weekly pizza.
    • “The $20 per month subscription price is really geared towards maybe students who won’t be here in June. And so, they can sign up for just $20 per month, or maybe you’re on a budget and you don’t have that $189 upfront. So, we make it so that you can just pay $20 per month. It works exactly like the yearlong subscription. But the day that you stopped subscribing is the day that those pies will end that month. So, you get four each month. Some months you’ll get five because we’ve got 52 weeks,” explained Simmons.


Mamma Ramona’s Pizzeria comes from Ramona, California, and prides itself in its pizza’s freshness.

“We have our own micro-greens garden here in Ramona that we’ll be moving also into Tempe. So, we grow all of our own greens for the pizzas. We also make all of our own dough by hand. So, it’s all hand rolled,” shared Simmons to ABC15. “We grate all of our own cheese. So, we don’t like to buy, you know, cheese that’s already shredded. Normally, when you buy pre-shredded cheese, they add gases and oils to it to keep it fresh. So, we like to grate our cheese fresh within an hour or two of when we start cooking for the day. So that to me gives us the ultimate freshness.”


Address: 1900 E 5th Street in Tempe [located inside the Tempe Food Court].

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