Missing New York teen found in Virginia, McLean man arrested on child exploitation charges

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A Virginia man is in jail after detectives found a missing New York girl at his home in McLean. 

Fairfax County police told FOX 5 that the girl has been missing for about seven months. 

On March 15, detectives were informed that the missing teenager from New York might be in Fairfax County. Their investigation led them to a residence in the 7300 block of Sportsman Drive in McLean. 

Upon arriving at the location, detectives and patrol officers discovered the girl in the company of Muammer Steve Demir. 

Further investigation revealed that the 20-year-old McLean man drove to New York in August 2023, picked up the teen, and brought her back to Virginia.

FOX 5 asked the Fairfax Co. Police Department if the two knew each other, and they said they didn’t believe so at the time. 

During a search at Demir’s home, detectives uncovered evidence indicating that he had child sexual abuse material in his possession. 

Muammer Steve Demir, 20, of McLean, Virginia. Photo Credit: Fairfax County Police Department. 

Neighbors in the community say they know Demir. 

They say he grew up in the McLean area, and one woman told FOX 5 she actually saw the missing girl last October during Halloween. 

There are a lot of details in this case, investigators said, that can’t be shared because a minor is involved. 

Amy Wilker, CEO of the child abuse advocacy organization Scanva, said this appears to be a case of trafficking. 

“He had access to somebody who was likely through the internet, had the opportunity to groom the relationship,” Wilker explained. “They had the means to recruit this person or transport this person, and they used  force, coercion, fraud, deception to gain control of the victim.”

Wilker added that the community plays a role in keeping children safe, and there are signs that we can all look out for. 

“Look for children who have recent changes of behavior,” she said. “They might have been outgoing, but now they are not or vice versa. They don’t have to seem to have freedom of movement. They wear inappropriate clothing like long sleeves and pants in the summer to hide injuries. They appear fearful. They are timid and tend not to communicate with those that they used to have relationships with.”

Demir was arrested and charged with carnal knowledge of a child and possession of child abuse material. 

He is currently being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center without bond. 

The teen was safely reunited with her family. Victim specialists from Fairfax County Police Department’s Victim Services Division have been assigned to provide support and resources to the victim.

Detectives anticipate additional charges against Demir.

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