Protest believed to have led to the vandalism of cars in Paradise Valley neighborhood (Kenzie Beach)
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Phoenix Police are looking for three suspects after more than 16 cars were vandalized back in January in a Paradise Valley neighborhood.

We’re learning more about what police say led to the incident as it’s believed this stems from a Jan. 28 protest. Investigators say the cost of the damage is upwards of $100,000.

Courtesy of Bill Whitmire

Phoenix resident Bill Whitmire was a part of that protest.

“It was a nonviolent protest, some people may not like what we have to say. Some people may not like it, but the protest was designed to educate and agitate because we feel like we need to let people know what’s going on in Palestine,” he said.

Those in support of the Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance organized a protest outside a Congregation Beth Israel fundraiser on Jan. 28.

The protestors parked in a nearby neighborhood along 55th Place and Shea Boulevard.

“A number of folks, I think maybe it’s like 15 or 20, found that their cars had been keyed with some very horrible things. Certain things that I can’t even repeat,” Whitmire said. “That’s not how you express yourself with hate. You express yourself by educating and agitating, but you don’t say hateful things to people and do hateful things.”

Police say three suspects are responsible for the vandalism.

The suspects, two males and a female, were believed to be driving a 2019 Audi e-tron with an alternative fuel license plate.

Silent Witness is now offering a $1,000 reward for any information about those three individuals. You can remain anonymous by calling 480-WITNESS.

Courtesy of the Phoenix Police Department

Map of the area where the incident happened:

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