Meteorologist explains Thursday’s ‘unpredictable’ stormy weather in Arizona

Ginger Jeffries
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Thunderstorms develop in a micro-climate, but the output of these storms can trigger a dust storm which impacts Phoenix’s larger macro-climate.

PHOENIX — Thursday was an eventful day for weather in Arizona after a series of thunderstorms hit parts of the Valley. 

So where do these erratic weather patterns come from? 

Well, Phoenix is defined by the Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification map as “BWh,” or arid hot desert.  This is our macroclimate definition. 

Macroclimate refers to the broader climate patterns of a larger geographic area, such as a city, region, or even a continent. It includes factors like temperature, precipitation, and prevailing wind patterns over a longer period of time. 

Macroclimates are influenced by global factors such as latitude, altitude, and proximity to large bodies of water or mountain ranges. The Phoenix area is the largest city in America with this climatic zone.  

Microclimate refers to the climate of a small, localized area, such as a garden, park, or valley. It is influenced by factors such as the amount of sunlight, wind patterns, and the presence of bodies of water.   Plant, animal life and even storms will change based on microclimate conditions.

Thunderstorms develop in a microclimate, but the output of these storms can trigger a dust storm which impacts a larger, or macroclimate.

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