Queen Creek Police Chief updates community on Preston Lord case

Chase Golightly
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For the first time since police submitted charges against seven people connected to the investigation, Chief Randy Brice addressed the community in public

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. — A sea of orange once again filled the Queen Creek Town Council as the community demanded justice and answers for the death of Preston Lord.

On Wednesday night, the council chambers were packed with people wearing Preston Lord’s favorite color. Nearly everyone there came specifically to hear what the mayor and police chief had to say about the 16-year-old’s murder investigation.

No arrests have been made.

Chief Randy Brice spoke for seven minutes in front of the town council and the public. Residents were hoping to hear a break in the case or that arrests have been made. 

Chief Brice said this investigation is a top priority for his department with detectives are working on it every day. As far as the details of what’s being looked into, the chief was tight-lipped. Not wanting to jeopardize the investigation. What he did reveal is that more witnesses have come forward along with new evidence related to the case.

“We have been working diligently to follow-up on all the tips that we have up to this point, which is in excess of more than 300 at this point,” Brice said.

There were talks of increasing patrols in areas where teens congregate and officers being present at schools that do not have school resource officers. 

However, chief Brice did not say that arrests have been made in this case. Asking for patience from the community and told them when the time is right, it will happen.

“To those that are responsible for the murder of Preston, you will be held accountable, arrests are coming and we will bring justice to the family. 

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Three weeks ago Queen Creek Police announced it submitted charges against seven people connected to the murder. No names or exact ages have been released at this time. The only information police have shared is the seven people are made up of teenagers and adults.

The charges have been submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney’s office. Brice said they decided to go this route to have a stronger chance at convictions.

“This route that we have taken in submitting the charges the way we have is the most likely option for us to get a conviction and the best route for moving forward,” he said.

Right after his statement, public comment began. Each speaker talked about Lord and his family. 

One woman while looking directly at chief Brice thanked him for speaking and said she hopes the path they chose in this case will lead to action.

Others in attendance like Queen Creek resident and father of five Scott Myers said he has an issue with no arrests being made at this time.

“My thing is, why not get them off the street now?” Myers said. “That way you can hold them in jail until you get your case together. Because right now they are still going out doing what they are doing.”

Risa Anderson, another local agreed. 

“More action needs to be done,” Anderson said. “It just needs to happen soon because we are very frustrated.”



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