Phoenix Ranks as One of the Best Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians

Ahnalia Salazar-Hudgins
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As plant-based diets, like veganism and vegetarianism, increase in popularity, so does accessibility to restaurants and grocery stores that cater to these diets. 

A meticulous comparison of the 100 largest U.S. cities revealed the ideal destinations for plant-based eaters. In a recent report by WalletHub, Phoenix ranked as the fifth-best city in the U.S. for vegetarians and vegans. Additionally, six other Arizona cities placed in the top 100, with Scottsdale ranked 22nd, Tucson at 31st, Mesa at 35th, Gilbert at 36th, Chandler at 37th and Glendale at 67th. The contributing metrics used to calculate a city’s overall ranking for vegan and vegetarian friendliness include the affordability of goods, variety of quality options and plant-based lifestyle opportunities.

While not universal, the most common reasons for adopting a plant-based diet include concerns over health, animal ethics and the negative carbon footprint of animal products. Increased vegetarian and vegan options are not only beneficial to those who subscribe to that lifestyle;  these options can also decrease a city’s impact on the environment while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Transitioning to any new diet poses difficulties, especially when cutting out entire food groups like meat or dairy. Certain plant-based friendly locations can help ease this shift by providing especially desirable support for this lifestyle change. 

Often, eliminating animal products from one’s diet is falsely correlated to the loss of flavor. But with countless recipes online from every cuisine type and a growing number of plant-based restaurants, there is no need to sacrifice delicious meals. 

Scottsdale encourages dining out and experiencing a diverse range of plant-based cuisines as the city leads the category for the highest percentage of restaurants serving vegan options. If dining at home is preferred, a home-cooked plant-based meal is a healthful and budget-friendly choice. 

Affordability adds to the allure of the Phoenix vegan and vegetarian scene as the city ranks 10th in this category, which considers both grocery and restaurant costs. 

Read the full report here. 

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