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By Joe McHugh, Glendale Star Staff Writer
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The Pickleball Space is celebrating its grand opening with a charity pickleball tournament on Saturday, Jan. 20, and Sunday, Jan. 21.

These two days they will donate 50% of proceeds to the nonprofit C4 Foundation, which supports active-duty Navy SEALs and their families.

“We are super excited,” said Kali Broderick, The Pickleball Space co-founder. 

“We are hoping that we can just continue to reach more — more players, more people who have not experienced this sport, and we want to be able to offer it to everyone. And I think that’s the most exciting part for me.”

Locally owned, The Pickleball Space is a 30,000-square-foot facility that offers pickleball players a high-quality experience. With 10 indoor courts and a plethora of classes and membership options for players, Broderick said she feels The Pickleball Space will be a hotspot for the sport in the West Valley. 

“We want to create this family-like atmosphere and create a culture of developing players,” she said.

“Even if they’ve never experienced the sport, we want to get a paddle in their hand.”

To make the grand opening special, it will be catered by Custom Provisions, with coffee options from Peixoto, and a variety of pickleball gear ready for purchase from Ray’s Rackets.

Hosting a charity event is a priority for Broderick.

“We wanted to find an organization that aligns with our family ties as well,” she said. “My husband is a first responder, and the C4 Foundation is also near and dear to our hearts, like in my personal family. My brothers, my dad, my grandpa, everyone has served in the military. And so, when this opportunity was presented to us, we knew that this was the route we wanted to go.”

Broderick longs to create a community among pickleball players. The Pickleball Space is offering free introductory classes and providing everything they need to play. In addition, it has also partnered with Stratosphere Adventure Park. 

“It feels really great that we’re able to offer this space to our community,” Broderick said. “We are from the community; we are in Glendale, we live in Glendale, we work in Glendale. It’s all about getting to know everyone who is around us and being able to invite their entire families out there and just focus on having this social aspect.”

Broderick is looking forward to serving the West Valley. 

“It’s kind of intimidating going out to a public park and where you’ve never played or you don’t know the ropes,” she said.

“So, when you come to The Pickleball Space, we’ll introduce you to the sport. … It’s about teaching them how to be a part of the community.” 

By Joe McHugh, Glendale Star Staff Writer www.glendalestar.com

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