Cardinals Sound Off on Late Kyler Murray Hit

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ARIZONA — In the fourth quarter of the Arizona Cardinals’ eventual 21-20 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 18, quarterback Kyler Murray escaped out of the pocket to his right, picked up some yardage and slid well before any defender could make contact with him.

At least he thought. 

Seahawks linebacker Devin Bush came in late and launched himself at Murray while the quarterback was on the ground, prompting some extra curricular activity between the two sides.

“That after the whistle sh– really pisses me off, especially if it’s a quarterback or one of my guys. It doesn’t make you tough. It doesn’t make you good or whatever,” said Cardinals OL Will Hernandez following the game. 

“So yeah, fired me up and then when I saw he might potentially be hurt, it fired me up even more.”

The hit itself wasn’t flagged – though if properly called – it might have made the difference in a close game. Arizona would have picked up 15 yards and a fresh set of downs. 

Murray looked like he was in pain and sat out one play before coming back into the game.

Later in the drive, Cardinals kicker Matt Prater missed an eventual 43-yard field goal that could have put Arizona up by 10 with three minutes to play. Prater also missed an eventual game-winner with one second remaining on the clock. 

“I mean at the end of the day, we can’t control that. I wasn’t worried about half convincing them to throw any flags or whatever. … Clearly it’s not supposed to be that way,” Hernandez added on the late hit. 

FOX’s broadcast showed teammates talking to Bush following the play – obviously it wasn’t smart on Bush’s part. 

Murray himself agreed.

“I had already had a little tweak in my ankle and then – kind of unnecessary I feel like. I’m not gonna complain about it right now but I felt like that was kind of late, unnecessary, whatever you want to call it. Felt like that should have been a flag, but it is what it is,” Murray added after the loss. 

He finished the game completing 22/30 attempts for 262 passing yards and one touchdown. He also rushed five times for 33 yards.

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