PODCAST #321 – TRUEFORM by Finding Arizona Podcast

Jose Acevedo
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Discover A Unique Anime Convention in Phoenix! Join us as we chat with Justin Park, co-founder of UwU Con, Arizona’s most unique and enjoyable anime convention. We discuss the origin story of UwU Con, its evolution from a cosplay cafe idea to a full-blown convention, and the challenges they faced in finding the perfect venue. Justin shares his passion for anime and highlights the diverse attractions, food options, and engaging activities that make UwU Con stand out from other conventions. Whether you’re a die-hard anime fan or just curious about the anime culture in Phoenix, this episode will give you an exclusive sneak peek into the exciting world of UwU Con! Be sure to attend October 27-29, 2023!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover what sets UwU Con apart as a distinctive anime convention in the heart of Phoenix.

  • Explore the array of engaging activities and experiences to anticipate at UwU Con.

  • Develop a renewed appreciation for Arizona’s lively Asian culture and anime subcults.

  • Get a taste of the expanded food offerings set to impress at UwU Con.

  • Learn the secrets to crafting an enjoyable and memorable convention experience sightseers will cherish.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:04 – Introduction, 

00:00:30 – Origin Story of UwU Con, 

00:03:29 – Venue Selection, 

00:06:02 – Being Different, 

00:09:58 – Year Two and Future Plans, 

00:15:45 – The Growth and Challenges of UwU Con, 

00:16:11 – Personal Love for Anime and Manga, 

00:19:28 – Influence of Anime and Korean Dramas, 

00:21:51 – UwU Con’z Role in the Community, 

00:27:52 – Evolving Culture in Arizona, 

00:32:19 – Exciting new stage setup, 

00:32:57 – Separate rooms for cosplay and photo ops, 

00:33:24 – Potential use of a restaurant on site, 

00:33:42 – Inviting newcomers to the event, 

00:34:22 – Focus on community and attendee satisfaction, 


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