Woman still struggling one year after car with special modifications was stolen

Ashley Paredez
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PHOENIX — A bold theft that happened one year ago is still impacting a west Phoenix mother of six. Their struggle is still very real all these months later but through it all, they’re finding the silver lining.

“They don’t even have a heart. How do you do that? I mean, you see the special modifications,” said Linsey Maldonado.

ABC15 caught up with Maldonado on Friday after first sharing her story last January. Maldonado said her Chevy Tahoe was specially modified for her daughter with autism. It was stolen right outside of her home.

She said she tried to stop the person, but they took off. She reported it to the police and in March, said she got a call that her car had been found.

“The first thing I said, ‘Where is it? Is it drivable?’ And unfortunately, it wasn’t. It was gutted,” said Maldonado.

She told ABC15 she has called for updates but hasn’t been given any more information. ABC15 contacted Phoenix Police Department on Friday and they say the investigation is pending as they await additional evidence.

In the meantime, Maldonado has been using Uber and making do by only going to places that are absolutely necessary. Still, it hasn’t been easy.

“When we go to a doctor’s appointment, I had to have… I have four car seats and then, I got to leave them at the door and with the strollers. Then when I call it over again, I got to load them back in that car and then it’s so… it’s very stressful. It’s like, I cry sometimes because it’s so hard. It’s really hard,” said Maldonado.

Maldonado said after telling her story last year, ABC15 viewers took immediate action and gifted her a newly modified car seat. Now, all she needs is another car, which she hopes she can afford in the future.

Maldonado said the silver lining that came out of this is seeing the good in people. Many referred her to resources that have helped her take care of her kids.

“I’m forever grateful for everybody that reached out and helped me,” said Maldonado.

An online fundraiser has been set up to help support the family.

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