Fido Bags, made in Arizona, help pets survive fires across nation

Gabriella Bachara
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The Fetch Foundation created the Fido Bag, which comes with everything a first responder would need for a pet in an emergency, in Cave Creek, Arizona.

PHOENIX — First responders lacked the tools needed to give pets the best chance of survival in emergencies for decades, but now, a Valley nonprofit is providing those tools to fire and police departments across the country.

“We pull out more dogs and cats and stuff than actual humans.” Phoenix firefighter Bobby Laufer said.

About 40,000 pets die in fires every year, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Marie Peck wants to lower that statistic.

Peck founded the Fetch Foundation and went on to create The Fido Bag. Each bag is filled with essential items needed to help save pets.

“What it means to our firefighters and police officers, knowing they can do something now,” Peck said. “There’s some of our older guys who have told me ‘if they only had it back in the day.’”

The Essential Fido Bag comes with a veterinary O2 mask, leashes, a water bowl, lubricant jelly, gloves, a soft bag, wipes and a training video.

There’s also a Professional K9 Handler Fido Bag that includes more medical supplies.

“Everybody in Arizona, I think, has a Fido Bag now,” Peck said. “Our little motto is ‘every station in the nation’ needs to have one of these. They don’t.”

The Phoenix Fire Department has been using the Fido Bag for years.

Laufer told 12News the veterinary O2 mask typically wakes unconscious animals pulled from burning home. It helps them breathe until they can be treated by a veterinarian.

“It’s a great tool. Very simple. It’s firemen friendly,” Laufer said.

The Fetch Foundation is based in Cave Creek. As a nonprofit, each bag is only made possible because of donations. 

They’ve sent bags to fire and police departments around the country.

“Recently, we sent these bags to Maui after the fire and, of course, they were incredibly grateful, but one donor did that,” Peck said.

Peck said the goal is to get the bags in the places they’re most needed before disaster strikes.

“We need them out there before the fire and it would be incredible if we could get that done. Every station in the nation,” Peck said.

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Gabriella Bachara

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