Community helps search for blind man’s stolen dog

Jordan Bontke
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PHOENIX — Searching for a lost pet is one thing, but as a blind man, looking for a stolen pet is an entirely different challenge.

The French Bulldog in this story is known as The General, named after his camouflage color.

Tanner Gers got him for his only daughter, so the two could grow up together.

“It’s been tremendous for her growth and communications and development as an individual,” said Gers

For Gers, the Frenchie’s heavy breathing was a sound of comfort.

“It’s a sense of security that I know that he’s there,” he said.

A car crash left Tanner blind, years ago. The loss of one of his senses amplifies the others.

“I can normally tell where he is based on his breathing,” he said.

When that sound fell silent, he walked from his backyard to the connecting alleyway to the front, looking for his dog.

That’s where neighbors told him they suspected a car driving by – picked up the dog and drove off.

Imagine explaining that to a young girl.

“My daughter drew a card and put it under his bed, and it said come home general, under his kennel,” he said.

A police report was filed but the pet-loving community is a group of investigators themselves.

”We were getting tips left and right,” said Gers.

Gers passed along two tips to officials.

One of the tips was from someone who said there’s a known person who looks to steal dogs and then resell them. The other was from a couple who was approached at a park in Laveen recently asking if they’d like to buy a French Bulldog with the same coat.

”We know it was The General because of the color patterns and The General has distinctly one testicle,” he explained.

While there’s gratitude from Gers and his family for the diligent sleuthing from the pet-loving community, there’s grief in the form of an empty kennel.

He pleads that if he somehow hears The General in his backyard again – he won’t press charges.

”You don’t really understand how much you love something, or how much you need something or how much you appreciate something until it’s gone,” Gers said.

Jordan Bontke

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