It can be hard to find the time and space to take care of you when family is invading your space. Here are my five favorite tips for establishing boundaries for self-care.

Was your house full of people last week for the Thanksgiving holiday? Or, perhaps you have kids or roommates who always make it difficult to get some space?

This can be particularly stressful when you just want a few minutes to take care of you. I get it. Here’s how I’ve managed to find time to care for myself. I find these tips particularly helpful when trying to carve out time to meditate.

5 Tips for Meditating (Or Getting Space) When Family Is Home

  1. Be flexible with the schedule: You may have to work around others, so being flexible about when and where you find time in the schedule can be helpful.
  2. Explain it: Family is better at respecting boundaries when they know what you are doing and why.
  3. Be specific about time: People like specifics, so let the know how long you need to take care of you. With my kids, I find it helpful to set a timer.
  4. Use headphones: Not only do headphones drown out the noise, but they make it harder to interrupt you when your eyes are closed and you can’t hear anyone. Plus, they offer a visual reminder to your family that you asked to be left alone for a few minutes.
  5. Lock the door: Sometimes we need to establish a physical boundary as a reminder that we are taking time for ourselves.

Small Changes, Big Transformation

These are small changes we can make to prioritize our health and build resilience. Wellness doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming. Give it a try this week and let me know how it goes!

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