Possible tornado leaves behind severe damage in Star Valley, Arizona

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STAR VALLEY, AZ — A possible tornado has left multiple homes in Star Valley, Arizona with severe damage, according to town officials.

The National Weather Service says a survey crew will be heading to Star Valley to survey the damage that happened Sunday.

Town officials say at least 10 homes were damaged in the severe winds.

So far, no people have been hurt. But, officials say a dog was killed in the winds.

Matt Highstreet, Star Valley town council

Winds were strong enough to toss two-by-fours through walls, as shown in the picture above.

There is also a report of a brick wall that was knocked over.

Town officials say they are also cleaning up trees out of streets in the area.

Matt Highstreet, Star Valley town council

An ABC15 crew is heading to Star Valley this afternoon to see the damage and talk with residents and local leader in the Gila County community.

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