Letter to the Editor: ‘Flagstaff City Council does not represent our community’ | Letters

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Flagstaff City Council does not represent our community. It wasn’t just Proposition 480 that was voted down by 72% to 28%. What people aren’t talking about is the fact that Mayor Daggett and the Flagstaff City Council attempted unsuccessfully to strip away our voter rights. Council unanimously voted to place Propositions 470 and 471 on the ballot, which would have taken away voter rights to make financial decisions for our city. I’m grateful that these propositions were voted down by a margin of 80-20. Our hypocrite mayor and entire council tried to take away our rights.

Not a single one of them deserves to be in office. Miranda Sweet, who spearheaded the NAH rezoning, needs to be removed. Thankfully, we have many candidates vying to replace this immoral politician who wants to take away our rights and push through laws to benefit her NAH cronies. Unfortunately, we have yet to see a community member ready to run against the antidemocratic, antivoter rights sellout Mayor Daggett.


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