Devin Booker attends Jordan Clarkson’s Turkey Giveaway

John Voita
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For those familiar with Phoenix Suns’ star Devin Booker, you know he is more than just a gou who can ball out on the hardwood. The 27-year-old shooting guard has a history of immersing himself in the community. Look no further than the 2023-24 ‘El Valle’ City Edition uniform set, inspired by the Chicano culture in Phoenix and championed by Devin Booker.

Booker’s charity “Booker’s Stating Five”, an initiative he began in 2019, identifies five local nonprofit organizations and donates a $100,000 grant to them.

Even on the road, Booker is making an impact.

The Suns are currently in Utah, playing the Jazz in a playoff-style series (two games over three nights at the same location). How did Booker spend his off day on Saturday? By assisting the local Salt Lake City community by attending Jordan Clarkson’s 2nd Annual Turkey Giveaway.

Clarkson is an active philanthropist in his community as well. His JC Cares Foundation is active in Salt Lake City, providing shoes, socks, apparel, and Nike gift bags to underprivileged youth as well as being active with Feed the Children.

Last year was his first turkey giveaway, and Clarkson commented that, “Just having that experience, sharing that experience with them, I know today will be something they remember… and it means a lot to us.”

With Booker in tow, who even dapped Jazz Bear (I guess the basic name is similar to Suns Gorilla), Clarkson provided turkeys to families the weekend prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Utah Jazz fans might have to look at Booker through a slightly different lens now. They know him as a killer on the court, someone who isn’t afraid to go right at their team and talk a little trash along the way. They now know that once he steps outside those lines, however, he is a best-in-class human being.

John Voita

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