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Host of City Spotlight, Dave Krieger

Dave Krieger is a former major market radio news reporter and news  director and television news reporter/anchorman and investigative  journalist, who won national and state news awards from Associated  Press Broadcasters. Dave was a former member of Radio and  Television News Directors Association. Dave began studying law in  early 1990; specializing in real estate, tort, consumer credit and  collection issues. His first self-published work, The Credit  Restoration Primer (a self-help, credit repair book) was first  released in 1995 and is now in its 5th Edition. Dave currently  serves as a paralegal, legal research analyst and consultant for a  network of attorneys across America that handle real estate and  foreclosure matters. He has lectured at the Texas County Clerk’s  school hosted by the V.G. Young Institute and Texas A&M AgriLife  Extension and currently conducts audits of county land records and  instructs attorneys on the subject of Chain of Title Assessments &  Quiet Title Actions in continuing legal education courses around  the country. The newest version of his book, Clouded Titles –  MAYDAY EDITION, is 432 pages of updated information about the  aspects of foreclosure defense, strategic default, quiet title  actions and county land record functions; coupled with a detailed  Index and Table of Case Citations. This book is highly regarded by  many attorneys, who have given Clouded Titles to their clients.  More recently, Dave teamed up with California attorney Al West,  also an infrequent guest on City Spotlight, to write The Quiet  Title War Manual, a 512-page book outlining the design and  construction of quiet title actions. Dave’s most recent work,  FDCPA, Debt Collection and Foreclosures, was launched in 2017 and  discusses the paradigm shift in the use of Fair Debt Collection  Practices Act actions to thwart foreclosures by unscrupulous  servicers and their law firms.  Dave has also written numerous  instruction manuals for attorneys, homeowners and investors on a  wide variety of legal subjects, many of which he brings to WKDW- FM  listeners during his show. His zany attitude and direct, blistering  attacks on the financial industry is riveting and keeps his  listeners glued to their radios waiting for the next bit of  revealing information and scathing commentary.


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