The Full Monti (Or How We Broke Down The 2023 NFL Draft) by BritishBirdgang Breakdown

BritishBirdgang Breakdown
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I don’t know what you mean when you say we said it was Episode 115 in the opening seconds of the episode? Like we’d make such a basic error…

Anyway, with the NFL Draft just hours away when we release this thing, Tom and Callum break down what the Arizona Cardinals could possibly do with pick 16 of the first round? And, who can forget the massive two-round mock draft we do live. So, enjoy the episode and look forward to what we think of the selections the team make this upcoming week in our next episode. Which will be E115. I think.

Sod it, nobody will notice anyway… 

BritishBirdgang Breakdown

2023-05-02 19:59:32 , BritishBirdgang Breakdown

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