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A volunteer organization by the name of Just Serve partnered with the 9/11 Day organization to bring volunteer work to Mesa in an attempt to show love to the city from September 9 to September 16.

9/11 Day was co-founded by David Paine and Jay Winuk with the idea of having something good come out from the loss of so many during the Sept 11 attacks. 

The two have turned the anniversary of 9/11 to the largest day of service in America, officially recognized under federal law.

 This is now the third year Just Serve has partnered with the 9/11 day organization, and last year saw 3,300 participants for this day of giving. The organization hopes for another great turnout.

“It makes our community a wonderful place to live. Mesa is the kind of community where people do help their neighbors and we clean up areas that need a little help,” said outreach specialist for Just Serve, Sara Anderson 

There are many projects available to volunteer for on the Just Serve website that can be located by entering your zip code and seeing what’s nearby with the “9/11 day” tag. 

Examples include volunteering to serve lunch at Resurrection Street Ministry for heat relief centers, or kayaking down Salt River to pick up trash.

“Grab a friend, grab a neighbor, and find something you care passionately about and go do it. It’s a wonderful experience, it’s a great way to show that you love your city and to turn a terrible day into a real good day.” said Anderson. “9/11 can become a really great day where we show optimism, brotherly love, and faith in humanity”.
Just Serve and 9/11 day look to bring the community together for this seven day event through shared service and those interested can visit JustServe.org to see what projects are available near you and how you would like to support the community.

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