AZ vets call Sinema out

TJ Hernandez
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BLOG / August 28, 2023

By TJ Hernandez


AZ vets call Sinema out. Four veterans condemned Senator Sinema’s proposal to find compromise on abortion access in the military. Senator Tommy Tuberville is currently implementing a blockade on promotions in protest of a military policy that covers travel costs for service members who need to travel out of state to access health care that is not legal where they’re stationed. Arizona vets say that Sinema’s call for “middle ground” betrays Arizona values and those that they fought for. A big shoutout to our partners with Common Defense and VetsForward for their work to hold Sinema accountable!

State of emergency for LGBTQ+ community. New data from the Human Rights Campaignhighlights how gender-affirming care bans lead to fears for personal safety among trans and queer people. In Arizona, extremist lawmakers introduced 14 anti-LGBTQ+ bills that were vetoed this session by Gov. Hobbs, and 3 out of 15 were signed by Gov. Ducey the year prior. The impacts of this hateful rhetoric are clear – Arizona ranks as one of the worst states for anti-LGBTQ violence and hate crimes. We must continue fighting back against bigoted lawmakers whose agenda encourages violence – every Arizonan deserves to feel safe in our state!

GOP debate. It was painful to watch. Republican presidential candidates embarrassed themselves and talked over each other for two hours but failed to offer anything of value to voters. Instead, GOP contenders refused to acknowledge the reality of the climate crisis, sucked up to former President Trump, and made it clear to voters that they plan to pursue a national abortion ban if they win in 2024. Catch Politico’s recap here.

Arizona wins from the Inflation Reduction Act. Arizona has received $8B of investments in clean energy since the passage of President Biden’s IRA last year. 

Support the Arizona for Abortion Access initiative. Language for the initiative is being finalized before groups can begin collecting signatures, but we’re going to need your help! Sign up to get involved to protect abortion access in our state. 

LAUNCHING: Our Progress Scorecard! Wondering how your legislators voted this session on the issues that affect you? We graded lawmakers on over 100 priority bills in key areas such as mass incarceration, education, climate justice, gun control, housing, LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive justice, and voting rights bills. Input your address to see how your lawmakers scored! Stay tuned, our 2023 Progress Scorecard is launching this week!!!

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