5 Offseason blunders that will haunt the Phoenix Suns

Tyler Watts
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The Phoenix Suns pushed hard to be title contenders by trading for Bradley Beal. They have a Big 3 but is the rest of their roster skilled enough to win it all? Phoenix needs Kevin Durant and Devin Booker to stay healthy and play like top-ten players if they want to have a shot at a ring. Their depth will be questioned, but Phoenix might have the best top three in the world.

New owner Mat Ishbia proved he will be bold and wants to win. They acted fast in free agency to round out their roster and were willing to give player options in year two to secure the talent they wanted. The Suns will spend to compete, but is that enough?

Phoenix made several mistakes this summer that could create problems for the franchise years down the line. They are all-in on winning and could face a massive setback if their Big 3 struggles to stay healthy or their roster proves to be ill-fitting.

Offseason blunders that will haunt the Phoenix Suns

5. Not acquiring a point guard

The Suns took off after acquiring Chris Paul in 2020. They snapped a decade-long playoff drought in 2021 as they reached the NBA Finals for the third time and first since 1993. Phoenix is still searching for their first championship, but CP3 helped them get into contention.

Paul is a legendary point guard and one of the best creators in the world. He has struggled to stay healthy in recent years, but the Suns will regret not replacing him.

They were quick to name Bradley Beal their point guard, but he is a score-first player. Devin Booker can handle the ball and create plays, but the Suns skyrocketed up the standings after adding CP3. Kevin Durant will do some playmaking, but the franchise lacks a true clutch-time creator.

The Phoenix Suns will regret that early in the season when the stars are taking turns with the ball. They need a distributor and fast. It will impact their role players and could set them back for years because the franchise will struggle to add talent. .


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