This Is The Most Charming Lakeside Town in New Jersey

Shawn Michaels
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When people say where are the best places to live, some will say beach or mountains or city or country or maybe even lakeside. Whatever the case, all of these areas are beautiful in their own way. Love Exploring recently did an article that focused on one of these settings “lakeside” towns. “The US has lakes in pretty much every size and shape imaginable, from small “ponds” to bodies of water so huge it’s impossible to see from one shore to another. There are lakes shaped like gnarled fingers (New York) and surrounded by wineries, while others are dotted with islands. And, while many of these watery wonders are in national parks, others are in towns or small cities with homes, parks and beaches hugging their shorelines.





For me, I love all these natural locations. Beach, mountains, rivers, lakeside, country, and urban, they all have their advantages. We actually live in a combination of “country” and “beach” so it’s a nice combo here in the Garden State. I would say I like to visit cities, but wouldn’t want to live in one, just my personal preference.



According to Love Exploring our best lakeside community is located in Sussex County. Stanhope was chosen as one of the best lakeside towns in America. “Officially a borough but with the feel of a small town (and a population of just over 3,500 people), Stanhope sprawls out from the western shore of Lake Musconetcong, a reservoir in Sussex County and part of Hopatcong State Park (the bigger lake of the same name is also nearby). Aside from the lake, the downtown area has an Old West feel and is home to what bills itself as “the Last Great American Road House”



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Shawn Michaels

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