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Aari Ruben
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KVOA) – Stand for Children Arizona is taking a stand against an attack that they say is on dual language programs. 


These attacks they claim are coming from State Superintendent Tom Horne. 


Stand for Children Arizona believes in proven benefits of programs to teach English to English language learners. 


The program claims they condemn Horne’s illegal attempt to eliminate their valuable educational model. 

This week, Horne issued a statement claiming dual language or “50-50” language programs could be breaking the law. 


The Arizona Department of Education then announced they were removing this model as an approved language model for English Language Learner students.


SCA says both statements are untrue, disregard the actual law and ignore the legal authority of the State Board of Education.


SCA says they see this as another instance of Horne’s corruption, deliberately ignoring the law and coordinating with special interest…

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