Local residents react to dust storm in Yuma County

Miriam Ordonez
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YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – A dust storm swept through Yuma and Imperial County Friday afternoon.

A dust storm warning was issued in Yuma County and some roads had little to no visibility due to blowing dust.

“It’s crazy… I love it… But you gotta be inside til it blows over because…. The health,” said Arturo Mendoza, Yuma resident.

This monsoon season has brought back a few wind and dust events recently for the desert southwest.

Some local residents are not happy about this season.

“It’s crazy and I don’t like that I have to gas up… in this weather,” said Vangeli Lavandier, Yuma resident.

“Well I’m going to be indoors from now on, but yeah it’s not good at all. Very dangerous if you’re on the road,” said Denicio Martinez, Yuma resident.

While others say they are used to it.

“Yeah I mean this is normal here in Yuma, this happens once in a while,” said Eric Hughes, Yuma resident.

Nonetheless, the National Weather Service recommends when visibility drops, pull far off the road, place the car in park, turn the lights off, and keep your foot on the break if you encounter any blowing dust.

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