Mid-round draft picks who could pay off in a big way

Antonio Losada
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Everyone talks about how you can’t win your fantasy football league in the first round of drafts, but you can certainly lose it. They also talk about how hitting a home run in the late rounds is key to a successful fantasy year.

But what about the middle rounds, where the meat of your roster is built?

Fantasy analyst Antonio Losada reveals his favorite mid-round draft picks of 2023.

Herbert fell just four pass completions from connecting 400 times with his teammates as a rookie back in 2020. Even lowering the bar and looking at quarterbacks reaching 350+ completions in each of his first three seasons as a pro, Justin Herbert is the only man in possession of a perfect three-for-three in the history of the NFL.

Herbert is getting better on a yearly basis, yet his ADP is getting cheaper. Time to pounce, folks, as the QB8 off the board entering peak draft season is most probably going to outscore all projections and demolish the “low” expectations of GMs out there drafting him outside…

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