Hopi Indians and Mormon missionaries

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For thousands of years the Hopi Indians have lived in permanent farming villages in what is now northern Arizona.  

The Hopi are not a tribe in the sense of having a unified central government: they are a grouping of politically autonomous villages. The designation Hopi is a contraction of Hopi-tuh which means “peaceful ones.” The Hopi villages, called pueblos by the Spanish, include:

Walpi which means “place of the gap.”

Sichomovi which means “place of the mound where wild currents grow.”

Hano is actually a Tewa village whose name is derived from anopi which means eastern people.

Shungopovi which means “place by the spring where the tall reeds grow.”

Michongovi which means “place of the black man.” The name comes from Mishong, the leader of the Crow Clan who brought his people from the San Francisco peaks to Hopi in 1200 AD.

Shipaulovi which means “the mosquitos.”

Oraibi which means “place of the rock called…


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