Wisconsin sports bar will pay customer’s tabs if New York Jets lose

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MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (CBS, KYMA/KECY) – A Milwaukee sports bar on Brady Street is taking game days to the next level, willing to give out potentially thousands of free drinks when Aaron Rodgers is on the field.

And now, Jack’s American Pub shares their interesting way of giving back to customers.

Two things Wisconsinites love: football and free beer. You could get a lot of it at Jack’s on Brady this fall, but there’s a few rules customers have to follow.

“We created something to get people in the door to watch a lot of our old Packer alums,” said Emily Ho-Abegglan, Marketing Director for Jack’s.

Paying the tab if Jets lose

A deal that seems too good to be true.

“I just think its a great publicity stunt,” said Matt Mikulak, a customer.

“Great idea. I think it’ll draw some people in,” said Peter Kessel, a Milwaukee resident.

Every time the New York Jets lose a game this season, with Aaron Rodgers on the starting line, Jack’s will pay everyone’s bar tab.

“We like to, you know, be a little risky, and I think it’s a fun way to communicate and interact with our customers,” Ho-Abegglan shared.


Here are the rules: First, customers must start your tab 15 minutes before the game, and stay the whole game.

“No food is included, no top shelf,” Ho-Abegglan added.

The deal’s also off if there’s a Packers game on at the same time.

With the promo gaining nationwide attention, it’s expected to be busy.

“I hope it’s a wholesome comraderie,” Ho-Abegglan expressed.

“I hope that people are patient and friendly, and tip their bartenders,” said Arielle Mayer, another customer.

Complicated relationship

The annoucement’s bringing a lot of excitement, with locals already planning out their watch nights.

“I’m thinking about the Bills, and I’m thinking about maybe the Dolphins, they should be pretty good, so gonna come out when I can win,” Mikulak stated.

The unique promotion speaks to Wisconsin’s complicated relationship with Rodgers.

“I’m a little bit worried about the fact that we’re spending so much time talking about our ex,” Mayer described.

“[I] wish him the best, but I think some free drinks would be great,” Kessel remarked.

Jacks will be open for the first Jets game of the season on Monday, September 11 against the Buffalo Bills.

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