Suns Reacts Survey: The DraftKings total Suns win line is set at 51.5

John Voita
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Does it feel like it’s Oklahoma on the plains in 1889? The bandwagons are beginning to arrive and stake their claim, professing their previously non-existent love for the Phoenix Suns. Welcome.

I’m not the type to be frustrated as the bandwagoners arrive. Bring ‘em on. The poor fools might not know what it means to be a Suns fan, but they’ll learn. More exposure for the Suns is only a good thing, although we know that as popularity increases, so does the hate. More jerseys sold, more games attended, more revenue for the franchise; it fortifies what Mat Ishbia has invested in and will continue to fuel his desire to make Phoenix a premier destination in the NBA. So, yeah, bring your wagons. I’ll show you to the nearest water trough.

As we prepare for the influx of newly minted Suns fans to arrive in the Valley of the Sun, we are beginning to understand how the national perception of this team is being constructed. First and foremost, it’s a super team. We know how we feel about super teams, and seeing as this is the first one to exist in Phoenix that isn’t naturally existing, it is safe to assume that those outside of Suns nation aren’t necessarily rooting for this team to succeed.

Players like Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal bring their own fans with them, which is increasing the Suns’ fan base tremendously. KD brings with him a very unique Twitter/X presence, both from the player himself and for those who believe that he is Michael Jordan. And of course, for those who do not like him. It’s interesting to be on the wild western plains of Twitter/X these days as the tumbleweeds roll by and the insults prick you like a thorn from a teddy bear cactus. Watch your words on that platform, for if you’re not careful, you’ll have a bounty on your head from a posse of pissed off anti-KDers.

What I find interesting, however, is the DraftKings line when it comes to overall Phoenix Suns wins. They are currently projected at 51.5 wins. That’s it. It’s the fourth highest projected win total in the NBA, behind the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics (54.5) and Milwaukee Bucks (52.5).

If Phoenix wins 52 games they will hit the over, which is currently paying out at -120. You can adjust the line on the DraftKings Sportsbook and make the team a 53.5 win team and it’s +105. What are we missing here? Does Vegas believe that last year’s plateau of Western Conference standings is replicable, partner? Is there something we’re missing? Or is that number just right?

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John Voita

2023-08-29 20:06:19 , Bright Side Of The Sun – All Posts

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