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The Ganado Red style of weaving is likely the best known of all Navajo rugs, inspired by Juan Lorenzo Hubbell (founder of the Hubbell Trading Post in 1878 and National Historic Site in Ganado, Arizona). Hubbell was one of the most well-known and respected traders among the Navajo people of his time. Hubbell disliked chemical dyes, which became more widely available around the turn of the century, and encouraged the use of the deep maroon color made from natural dyes that later became known as Ganado Red.

The Ganado weavings of today feature deep red backgrounds with black, gray, white, and brown accents. They often are enclosed by striking black borders and contain diamond designs in the center and in each corner. This style is considered the direct contrast to the Klagetoh style, which has a gray background with a large central diamond motif and red, black, and white accents. 

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