Small Crush Releases New Single ‘Rumblin’ Tummy’

Michael Major
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Just ahead of their upcoming sophomore album Penelope, the enigmatic indie rock band Small Crush floats back onto the scene to woo fans with their latest single “Rumblin’ Tummy.” Known for their youthful, carefree style, the band’s newest song takes a refreshing turn, fusing heady sincerity into their signature sound. The single comes just weeks before their album Penelope, out September 15 via Asian Man Records.

Frontwoman Logan Hammon describes “Rumblin’ Tummy” as a song about “staying in love and getting butterflies in your stomach no matter how long it’s been.” Appropriately, “Rumblin’ Tummy” is a fresh re-imagining of a fan-favorite from 2019, “Tummy Rumblin.”

Just as the song’s romance has lasted the years, Small Crush built off the old track while injecting a fresh perspective, creating an entirely new and delightful sonic experience. The song’s upbeat and infectious vibe effortlessly sweeps listeners off their feet, while the heartfelt lyrics resonate with relatable themes of longing and uncertainty.

“Rumblin’ Tummy’s” poignant verses lovingly invite listeners into an at once guarded and emotionally unfettered moment of vulnerability: “My tummy…

Michael Major

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