Grading the Arizona Cardinals’ recent 1st-round draft history

Rose Itzcovitz
1 Min Read

A new Arizona Cardinals regime hasn’t been shy about viewing the current roster problems as sunk costs.

DeAndre Hopkins was released for nothing this offseason. On Thursday, safety and 2020 first-round pick Isaiah Simmons was traded for scraps.

Simmons is the latest failed first-round pick from the past decade of drafting by the franchise, which was overseen by former general manager Steve Keim.

Keim took the reins of the front office in 2013, and while even the first round of the draft is far from a safe thing, it is now more and more looking like a decade of wasted opportunity with too many risks taken and misevaluations.

Taking into account every first-round talent who played for Arizona in the past 10 drafts, Arizona Sports’ Bickley & Marotta, with Tim Ring filling in for Dan Bickley, review how chock full of misses the Cardinals’ drafting has been (8:25 of the audio player above).

Co-hosts Vince Marotta and Ring ran down the list of Keim’s…


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