Uley Hines killed Keith Boggs on the steps of the Coatesville home they shared, police say

Rose Itzcovitz
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Uley Hines had been friends with Keith Boggs’ parents for years. So when Boggs needed a place to stay, Hines opened up his home on Coatesville’s Graham Avenue to him.

But that decades-long friendship ended in violence Saturday, when Hines gunned down Boggs, 61, on the steps of that home over an argument about Hines’ dog, investigators said Tuesday.

Hines, 83, has been charged with first- and third-degree murder in connection with Boggs’ death. There was no indication he had hired an attorney, and he remained in custody, denied bail.

Chester County District Attorney Deborah Ryan called the shooting “a senseless crime” and offered her condolences to Boggs’ family.

Boggs’ younger sister, Roxanne, said Tuesday that news of the murder devastated her family, even more so when they learned that his alleged killer was someone they all deeply trusted.

“Keith was a beautiful person,” she said from her home in Arizona. “Of course he had his issues — he was human like everyone else — but he did not deserve this.”

Her brother was the oldest of three, and leaves behind an 8-year-old daughter, she said. He had lived with Hines for about six years, she said; Boggs had…


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