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MESA, AZ — Pedal Haus Brewery is expanding and this time it’s headed to Mesa! The new location will open at the former Pit Stop auto body shop near Robson and Main streets.

Mark Tomecak

A rendering of how the Mesa Pedal Haus will look from the outside.

Julian Wright, founder and CEO, shares with ABC15 what the Valley can expect about the new location.

“We’ve… actually completed the demo of this building that needed a lot of work. We expect to start construction on the tenant improvement portion in January, with a projected open date of September of 2024,” Wright confirmed to ABC15.

Although there’s construction to be done for this site, a big character element of the original building will stay.

Mark Tomecak

The rendering showcases how the awning of the former Pit Stop auto body shop will still be an important element for this future Pedal Haus location.

“There’s a couple of things that attracted us to this particular location. One is this massive awning that they have that was, you know, something you’d see more typically in the kind of 50s, 1950s. We liked that element that the building had, the building itself has kind of a historic feel to it,” explained Wright. “We also liked the fact that was on a hard corner, and we could do a really large patio there, like we have in Tempe.”

Mark Tomecak

According to Wright, this Pedal Haus location ”will be basically the largest outdoor patio in the downtown to Mesa.”

Now, if you’re wondering how that new location will differentiate itself from the Tempe location in regard to the layout and its food options, here’s what you need to know.

“The patio will be a similar size to Tempe, which is massive. The biggest difference in Mesa is the inside is very small. Whereas in Tempe it’s massive as well, because we used to brew all our beer at the Tempe restaurant; we’ve since moved that to a warehouse production facility in Chandler. So now the interior of Tempe is grown again to include more seats and tables and a stage for live music,” shared Wright. “So, Mesa won’t have nearly as big an interior. It also won’t have a kitchen which is going to be kind of interesting for us and the first time we’ve opened up Pedal Haus location without a kitchen. So, we’ll be doing food out of a food truck there that we bought, and have a little bit more limited menu, but still have food available. But those are probably the big differences between the original one in Tempe and this new one coming up in Mesa.”

Mark Tomecak

A look at the open/indoor concept for this brewery.

According to Wright, this location has lots of different types of seating including a couple of fire pits, a stage for live music, ping pong, cornhole, and lots of landscaping.

Mark Tomecak

Renderings of the outside.

“And you know, being right on the corner there they’ve got a good view of all the people walking by and downtown, which is always kind of fun,” said Wright. “I think people will be kind of excited to see this renovation of this, you know, historic, long-running auto shop now into this, you know, very vibey and social beer garden,” said Wright.


  • Address: 201 W Main St in Mesa
  • Slated to open in September 2024

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Nicole Gutierrez

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